We use a third-party shipping / fulfillment company for processing and handling of all orders.We package and process all orders in our designated shipping area inside of business before shipping. Processing time is normally within 1-4 business days not including weekends or holidays. Depending on an item's inventory status it may require ordering from a distributor which can delay the fulfillment processing of your order.
All SALES ARE FINAL. Once an order has been received/confirmed/paid there is a NO REFUND POLICY. Orders are distributed to local licensed retailers and once items have been ordered the fulfillment process begins and we cannot stop, change, or hold orders. Only if a licensed retailer fails to fulfill and ship your order within 30-days does it qualify for refund. In the unusual event damaged items will also qualify for full replacement, credit or refund. If in the unusual event you do experience a problem with your order please contact us for replacement within 3-days of receipt of delivery. Please inspect and document with photographs to assist in a speedy replacement process. Additionally we may require the return of unopened / damaged bottles. We may offer a replacement, discount, refund, or an account credit to be used for a later store purchase. If for any reason an order that has been attempted delivered and then returned or declined by the buyer which includes orders that are a failed delivery attempt as result of adult signature not available or not claimed within the time allotted once the shipping carrier notifies you of the delivery a 35% restocking fee will apply along with the original shipping and return shipping charges.
Producers and Brands may update their bottle design, packaging and artwork at any time. For this reason you may receive a product labeling or packaging that is different than pictured. We recommend if this occurs to visit the producer or brands website for the most current up to date packing and labeling. For these instances products will not be eligible for return or replacement. Credit Card disputes and bank fraud are taken very seriously at Liquor Emporium and will be prosecuted / investigated to the fullest extent of the law enforcement. A full screen video capture recording and playback of the entire purchase session is stored on our servers used for fraud prosecution. This allows us to playback the entire session just as a person visually originally views the site on their device showing all page and mouse movements to law enforcement. In some instances we will dispatch local authorities to the delivery address for further investigation